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The Homelessness Outcomes Star

The Homelessness Outcomes Star is a client-centred tool for exploring the strengths and support needs of people using homelessness services. Widely used across the homelessness sector, the Star underpins conversations between staff and service users by helping them to acknowledge strengths and progress, as well as identifying those areas where support is needed.

The Homelessness Outcomes Star is designed for in-depth, collaborative discussions of progress at regular intervals, e.g. 3 monthly, alongside more frequent keywork meetings. The Star’s Journey of Change model gives staff and clients a client-led way of measuring and motivating successful change. You’ll discuss progress from stuck to accepting help, through to believing, learning and self-reliance across 10 areas of someone’s life. Mapping this journey on the Star chart provides an accessible, visual record of progress for both you and your clients. Actions agreed during these sessions go on to your client’s support plan, and outcomes are reviewed when you next complete a Star together.

Homelessness Outcomes Star data can also be used to produce management reports showing support needs and progress across a service or team. You can use this information to improve service delivery, for example identifying staff training needs, gaps in provision or opportunities for partnership working.

Homeless Link’s Outcomes Star training gives you the skills and understanding to use the Star to its full potential. You might also want to consider courses such as Effective Keyworking and Motivational Interviewing which strengthen support working skills.